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    The RLCM Mission:


    RLCM is a boutique investment firm.

    Its goal is to offer a sophisticated, uniquely personalized money management style

    in a tailored, separately managed

    account for each of its clients.


    RLCM is a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA).


    Discover Value,

    Achieve Growth

    Whether looking to take a first step into investing, or a seasoned investor looking to expand and preserve wealth, RLCM's methods work toward creating a unique, personal, holistic approach to each client's financial needs.

  • All assets in today's markets
    are available

    from traditional stocks to cuttting edge, carefully vetted digital assets

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    Stocks & Options

    Individual stocks

    & stock options

    Highly researched individual positions in line with your risk profile.

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    Exchange Traded Funds

    Sometimes the best way to gain exposure to a sector or basket of stocks. Can also facilitate hedging a portfolio in a down market.

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    Digital Assets

    Crypto currencies

    Crypto investments are new and not for everyone. But, managed responsibly, RLCM believes that they can deserve a place in portfolio allocation once an investor's risk tolerance is evaluated.

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    The Certified Digital Asset Advisor Designation is conferred upon Registered Investment Advisors in accordance with The National Registry of CPE Sponsors.



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    RLCM & YOU

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    Risk Profile







    more than a buzz phrase

    Unlike larger firms where a client can be placed in a generic plan, RLCM is a boutique firm that takes the

    Know Your Client maxim seriously. Strategies are tailored to each client and his/her investment needs and desires.





    a relationship


    Richard Lees,

    is a time tested portfolio manager

    with decades of experience in all kinds of markets.

    Unlike larger firms where responsibility is delegated, you will have a uniquely skilled money manager
    available to you


  • Richard Lees







    Richard Lees began his investing career in 1982, actively investing his own account until 1996, when he founded Richard Lees Capital Management, a California Corporation, as a Registered Investment Advisory.


    A published writer, he moved naturally into markets upon finding the ideal working arena for his contrarian perception of human behavior that was first realized with a degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan.


    Also educated at Stanford and Yale, he went on to write extensively about markets, publishing in trade journals such as Barron’s, presenting lively, informative sessions revealing many of his unique methods and indicators at trading conferences around the US, and establishing his financial newsletter 21 Forward, which was widely quoted and followed on Wall Street for its unique proprietary pH-Indicators™ for ten years from 1996 to 2006.


    A natural contrarian at heart, his methods have attracted both qualified and neophyte investors looking for his unique behavioral approach to markets and money management, and his personal hands-on style with all of his clientele's portfolios.

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  • Market Musings

    general commentary

    MUCH  has been written and discussed about Bitcoin since it first launched 15 years ago in 2009....
      I’VE been inmarkets since the early 1980’s, and an investment manager with my own firm for...
    WELL, the so-called “Bitcoin Correlation” to stocks and bonds has finally seen the bottom drop...
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