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Richard Lees  has actively traded equities, bonds, options, currencies, and other financial instruments since 1982, when a death in the family left him to manage family money and to learn the ways of markets in the real time and circumstances of real life – which, to this day, he credits with forming his pragmatic, real world investment style.

A published novelist and award-winning writer at the time, he was immediately taken with markets,  finding the ideal working arena for his perception of human behavior that was first realized with a degree in Psychology from The University of Michigan in 1970.

Also educated in the late 60’s and early 70’s at Stanford and Yale, he went on to write extensively about markets, publishing in trade journals such as Barron’s, presenting lively sessions at trading conferences around the US, and establishing his newsletter 21 forward, which was widely quoted and followed on the street for its unique pH-Indicators™.

Born of a marriage between physics and financial analytics, the  pH-Indicators  were presented by invitation before the 24th Anniversary Annual Conference of the Market Technicians Association in May of 1999, and to this day the indicators’ Technical, Fundamental, and Monetary components form the core of the financial model Richard Lees uses in the management of money. The Monetary component specifically – also known as the pH-Liquidity Indicator™  -- has been lauded for its prescient analysis of what the Fed is doing in the real economy, as opposed to what they are sometimes saying they’re doing, and more importantly, what that indicates about the way the stock market is currently priced.

The synthesis of analyst, writer, and money manager offers a unique value added component to the services provided to clients through Richard Lees Capital Management, which was formed in 1996 when word of mouth created the demand for a registered firm to manage public money with Richard Lees’ methods.

In addition to solid performance and highly personal care to client portfolios, Mr. Lees’ Quarterly Reports and frequent market musings provide evidence that the world of finance can be both engaging and informative at the same time a bottom line is enhanced. Also an avid golfer, Richard served on the Board of Directors of The Shivas Irons Society  ( ) from 2006 to 2011.

Many talk about providing contrarian investment advice, insight, and far from the madding crowd investment services.

From his base at RLCM in Los Angeles – far from Wall Street – Richard Lees delivers on the promise.


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For further information, and to see if Richard Lees Capital Management’s services might be a match for your investment needs, please feel free to contact RLCM to set up a conference with Richard Lees, who is available for speaking engagements before qualified investors as well.