Richard Lees Capital Management  was established in 1996. A California corporation, it is a registered investment advisory based in Los Angeles.

Its mission is to offer an alternative money management style and choice to investors who are comfortable with a contrarian positioning of their portfolio that will seek to anticipate markets as well as respond to them, smooth volatility through asset allocation, and limit risk to the client’s level of comfort in a separately managed account.

Proprietary market analytics are used to position the RLCM client based on a top down approach that first quantifies the Technical, Fundamental, and Monetary strength of the general market, and then adjusts allocation and deployment of the client’s assets on a continuous and regular basis to stay in sync with perceived market strength or weakness.

A portfolio’s goals are, of course, given first consideration, but additionally all goals are evaluated  within the context and psychology of markets – acknowledging that in order to achieve financial goals, flexibility is an asset at least equal to patience.

A strongly disciplined approach, then, is combined with the agility that befriends a smaller firm to achieve the goal of maximizing growth over time – again while limiting volatility and risk to levels defined by the individual client’s tolerances.

If an equity style can truly be summarized away from the market’s fluidity and ever changing demands, then RLCM’s style could be described as seeking to isolate Value just as it is about to transition to Growth.

Positions are then taken to try and capture coming growth.

As with the general market, Technical, Fundamental, and Monetary analysis is applied to individual investments to add the advantages of the bottoms up technique at this point in the process as well.

Combine such service with sophisticated, literate, and yet clear and easy-to-understand reports – which many clients feel actually define the quality that differentiates RLCM from other money management firms – and the RLCM client experience is formed:

  • Unique market insights and the manager behind them acting promptly to take advantage for each individual client.

  • A specific portfolio design for each client’s separately managed assets.

  • The dictum that counsels the money manager to “know your client” taken seriously.

  • Fees based on assets under management – no commissions or any other form of compensation. The manager’s best interests thus remain aligned with the client’s – always. And with the same ongoing objective: to grow the client’s assets.

  • An overall integrity and dedication to the work that seeks to reward the client on the bottom line – both personally and financially – over time.

  • An end result goal that creates a fulfilling relationship between the client and RLCM by way of creating a fulfilling relationship between the client and markets.


For further information, please feel free to contact RLCM to see if its services might be a match for your needs.